Expert Mold Remediation

Many homeowners and business owners underestimate the dangers that mold presents. While mold is generally thought of as unsightly, what many people fail to realize is that it is highly unsanitary and in many cases, can even pose health risks. So, if you have noticed the presence of mold in your home or business, talk to ServiceMaster, your local mold remediation experts!

Industry-leading mold remediation services
With almost 60 years in business, ServiceMaster stands at the top of the US mold remediation industry, leading the way with trained technicians and techniques. We’ll work with your insurer and qualified industrial hygienists, mold inspectors and other professionals as required, to establish the best mold removal protocol and procedures for your personal situation.

What makes mold grow?
An organic food source: cellulose in paper, wood, or drywall, natural fibers, even soil.
Moisture, even high humidity in the air
Moderate temperature, especially between 20 – 30°C
Stagnant air; not fresh or moving air
When allowed to grow, mold causes discoloration and structural damage to building materials. A significant amount of mold affects indoor air quality and is difficult and costly to remove. Don’t wait any longer; contact ServiceMaster for fast, effective mold remediation, now!

Prevent Mold Growth with Water Damage Restoration
Since mold has the ability to start growing in less than 48 hours, it’s important to react quickly to water damage. We use highly effective drying techniques and monitoring tools to measure your home or business’s indoor temperature, humidity and moisture content. Contact ServiceMaster for mold remediation and prevention services immediately. Taking immediate action can make the difference between a small inexpensive treatment and a much larger expensive problem.

Trust ServiceMaster for expert mold remediation. Contact us immediately following any incidences of water damage or if you discover mold growth on 801-224-5440.